Saturday, March 2, 2019

A Recipe You Can't Follow

I'm one of those people that goes and reads a bunch of recipes, and then I do what I want. Point being, I could never be one of those awesome recipe bloggers because half of the time I don't even remember how I made what we are actually eating. I like to think of it as a gift and a curse and just roll with it.

But, this isn't a recipe blog, so I'll share and you can deal with my lack of exactness and just roll with it too.

Today was mostly grading papers and cleaning. Oh Joyous Saturday! ... I was supposed to be hosting a Bob Ross party which was certain to be an evening full of ridiculousness with friends. More pending, shitty weather made me cancel. *we're almost back to recipe - don't scroll yet

Last weekend, I somehow managed to snap out of the winter blues and am barely holding by a thread to keep that mojo going. A day of grading and cleaning wasn't cutting it. SO! How do you bring a little spark to an evening you didn't expect to feel trapped in the house? You cook... with a little flare and ridiculousness. *and trying new things is one of my goals for the blog!

Back to my habit of reading recipes and doing what I want when it comes to cooking, there are three things you need to know:
1) last weekend I made an epic chicken biscuit pot pie
2) at the grocery store this weekend, I bought my first jar of curry paste
3) we are currently going for a meatless March (with the exceptions of Fish Fry Friday - expect a future post on this one)

So, why not? A tofu curry biscuit pot pie... that can be a thing, right?

Here's how it went:

Steam some carrots, potatoes, and peas (I have no idea how much)
Fry up tofu (I use this crazy Cuisinart fondue pot I got at a garage sale)
Make some sauce:
- an onion
-some celery
-some fresh garlic (are you annoyed with my lack of measurement yet?)
sprinkle 1/3 C of flour
then slowly add a can of coconut milk, 3 t of curry paste, and 2 C vegetable broth

Mix it all together and top with drop biscuits
* I certainly used a heavy shake of the smoked garlic from Schnucks that I am OBSESSED with

Bake at 400 degrees for (I'm not sure because it is currently cooking while I type)

While I cooked, I drank a little wine, listened to a little Ella Fitzgerald, and enjoyed thinking like a writer. It changes me when I have a writing project - in a really good, reflective kind of way. I thought about all of these weird pieces brought together: tofu, curry, jazz, wine, biscuits, and happiness.

How often do I seek out a recipe for happiness? How often is it unfollowable? I think maybe it's one of those things I just need to roll with. I'll let you know later how dinner went.


  1. I love this slice--your personality shines through, and I really want to try your curry pot pie creation. Knowing you, I bet it turned out wonderfully!

  2. How bad could it be with curry paste and coconut milk, right?

    I really resonated with "...enjoyed thinking like a writer." That's a habit I'm trying to get back to.

  3. I love how you improvise and just go with the flow. This piece feels very zen by the end.

  4. I appreciate your sense of humor, your cooking style, and your post. Thanks for taking us on the journey in your kitchen. Hope it was a yummy as the moment and the Slice.

  5. Tracy--Usually you are so serious, by-the-book with a just-the-facts attitude. It was nice to see you let loose for this post. (JK in major way)

    You had me at "curry" (she said, in a Renee Zellweger voice). And now I want to go to Schnucks and get some smoked garlic...

  6. What a great slice! I do have to cook from recipes--no improvising in the kitchen for me, but also like to make changes as I go, switching out herbs, adding more vegetables, little things like that. I am in awe of people who can look at a set of ingredients and figure out how to cook it without a recipe!